Objective, Expert Financial Advice

At GW Financial, Inc. we develop your goals and work together to seek out a clear actionable plan to achieve them. Our wealth management strategies compliment our financial planning, and our tax strategies stand alone as a best fit for non-profit organizations.


We offer personal financial planning and modular financial consulting focused on your specific needs. We carry out an objective evaluation and assessment of your current financial situation with a focus on identifying areas where an opportunity for improvement may exist. We help you determine what you could be doing now to improve your situation.


At GW Financial, Inc. we put your interests first and focus on increasing your sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction. We begin this process by rolling up our sleeves and understanding your current financial picture by helping clarify your values, priorities, circumstances, and aspirations.  Then we will guide you in defining and designing your version of an “abundant life," and what it will take to meet your goals.


We are able to implement strategies related to your taxes now and in the future. These strategies allow the other elements of the financial plan to interrelate more successfully by minimizing tax liability.