Investment Management

Our investment management services are designed for those who
  • Seek only investment management services through fee-only fiduciary adviser.

  • Want to delegate investment decisions to a caring, disciplined financial adviser who has the knowledge, experience, and resources to perform ongoing investment research, analysis, and money management in their client’s best interest.

  • Have traditionally been do-it-yourselfers but now need a financial adviser to help them plan for the next stage of life, reassuring them that they will have enough money to last through retirement even if unexpected costs occur.

  • Need thoughtful strategies to make a seamless transition from career to retirement and confidence that they will have enough money to last the rest of their lives and leave a small inheritance to their grown children.

  • Views professional investment management as a way to accomplish financial goals while freeing up valued personal time to focus on the things that matter most to them.


At GW Financial, Inc. we put your interests first and focus on increasing your sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction. We begin this process by rolling up our sleeves and understanding your current financial picture by helping clarify your values, priorities, circumstances, and aspirations.  Then we will guide you in defining and designing your version of an “abundant life," and what it will take to meet your goals.


Our wealth management solution includes the following services.


  • Financial Planning: Your  customized  financial  plan that will guide you in defining and designing your unique version of your “Ideal Life"

  • Investment Management: Our investment philosophy relies on disciplined investment techniques based on sound academic research

  • Retirement Planning: Preparing for a new life transition after work

  • Risk Management: Being prepared for life’s unexpected events

  • Cash Flow Management: Developing a budget that will integrate well with your financial plan

  • Tax Planning: Looking at the most tax efficient ways to manage your financial life

  • Education Planning: Ensuring that your children or grandchildren will be able to meet their college funding goals

  • Estate Planning: Helping you to efficiently transfer your lifetime assets to your heirs and/or charities

At GW Financial, Inc. we put your interests first and focus on increasing your sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction.

The fee is a percentage of the value of the portfolio calculated on a quarterly basis.  It is reported on a statement furnished quarterly from GW Financial, Inc. and shown clearly on the Schwab statement for the month in which it is debited from the portfolio.  All performance reporting is calculated on a net-of-fee basis. This means after fees are subtracted. For more details please view our services offerings flyer.

Time Frame

Three years or more.

We invest funds for our clients with a long-term investment horizon. We believe short-term cash needs should not be exposed to the short-term volatility of the securities markets. Once funds are in the portfolio, we monitor them carefully but trade very infrequently.


Investment Management Philosophy

We believe markets work. When we say that markets work, we mean that a freely functioning market does a good job of setting prices for the buyers and sellers of securities, and that investors can expect to receive a reasonable reward for taking risks over the long term. Therefore, we believe your investments should be managed based on where you are in your life, not where the markets are. We work with clients to understand their long-term needs and to add to their success. After all, the money that you entrust with us represents the resources you will have to build the life you want.

Our portfolios are built using 10-12 mutual funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds, all of which are accessed without any sales commission paid by the client or earned by us.  Each portfolio is structured individually for your investment needs and risk tolerances as best determined by you and GW Financial, Inc. Each portfolio is widely diversified by using a variety of investment vehicles of differing asset classes and management styles.


We use the Institutional Division of Charles Schwab and Co. as a custodian for our clients’ accounts. We “shop” among some 7,000 no-load funds available to us through Schwab to select the dozen or so we use in our client portfolios. Those funds include various asset classes representing both stocks and bonds, domestic and foreign, and some specialty funds which help soften short-term volatility of the securities market.

We pay particular attention to keeping fees low and to minimizing tax issues that may take money out of your pocket. We want your money to be working harder for you than you worked for it. Changes to the portfolio will be made for one of three reasons:

  • To change allocations among the funds due to the changing market/economic environment

  • To substitute one fund for another if the reasons for selecting the fund change

  • To rebalance the portfolio back to the target allocation


GW Financial, Inc. is one of a select group of firms authorized to offer its clients investment strategies offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), an investment partner who shares our investment philosophy and:

  • Takes a disciplined and structured approach to identifying investment opportunities in all market conditions.

  • Bases their approach on an academic foundation, taking the “guesswork” out of investment management.

  • Does not try to time the market or speculate.


While we have access to leading-edge solutions and have gathered a team of professionals to undertake the design and implementation of your plan, we will always ensure that we have a clear understanding of your situation prior to making any recommendations.

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is an almost $200 billion family of funds designed to meet the needs of professional investors at a low cost. DFA’s philosophy is that markets are efficient, and that risk and return are related. Investors utilize DFA funds through a select group of approved, fee-only advisers, and over 200 public, corporate, Taft-Hartley, and nonprofit organizations, including the Maryland State Retirement System, the California Public Employees Retirement System, Citigroup, Pepsi, Pfizer, Cornell University and the Salvation Army.

Dimensional has 75 value-added funds that we incorporate into asset allocation strategies designed specifically for each client. These strategies have historically outperformed their benchmarks, and DFA funds have provided these increased returns through innovative trading strategies, low turnover, low expenses and portfolio engineering.

Dimensional Funds are different than conventional mutual or index funds. DFA has created their own indices that are designed to capture the returns of a specific asset class, whereas index funds merely replicate traditional market indices. Dimensional Board members include some of the nation's most distinguished and recognized academicians, including the Nobel Laureate economists Myron Scholes, Merton Miller and Gene Fama.

GW Financial, Inc. receives no financial support or commissions from DFA. The relationship between DFA and GW Financial, Inc. reflects our shared views about how capital markets work and how best to provide clients with a successful investment experience.